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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Cruising is the best holiday value! There are cruise vacations to suit every budget. Your cruise fare is all inclusive of meals, your stateroom, on-board activities and entertainment, You’ll know your total holiday cost before you go. (Typically, your only extra expenses will be drinks, specialty restaurants, optional shore excursions, and personal services such as massage or hairstyling.)

A. Visit or call us! Our professionals will help you pick the cruise that fits your holiday schedule, tastes and budget. They can make all the arrangements to get you from your doorstep to your ship and back.
Plus, our Team members are ICCA* Certified Cruise Consultants (Two are Master Cruise Consultants). These cruise specialists have completed an extensive program of training, including sailing on and inspecting a vast number of cruise ships. You can feel confident that a recommendation from an ICCA Accredited, Master, or Cruise Consultant is based on personal knowledge and experience.
*International Cruise Council of Australia

A. There are cruises designed to suit virtually every interest and personal preference.
There are cruise lines that feature soft adventure expeditions to such frontiers as the Arctic & Antarctica, the Amazon rain forest or the Rivers of Europe. Or discover exciting destinations closer to home in the South Pacific islands or Asia.
The choices include: boutique, luxury cruises with globetrotting itineraries; large, contemporary ships with a fantastic array of recreational facilities; classic vessels evoking the time-honored traditions of cruising; special-interest or exploration cruises specializing in unique destinations with an accent on cultural enrichment.
For experienced travelers, destination-focused cruises specialize in premium, culturally-rich ports of call with itineraries dedicated to illuminating such historic, world-class treasures as the antiquities of classical Greece, the Polynesian paradise of Hawaii or the fabled splendor of Norwegian fjords.
For many, the perfect vacation includes the non-stop fun and sun of a tropical resort-style cruise to the South Pacific, where you can sample a variety of island cultures and cuisines while working on a terrific sun tan.
Plus, many cruise lines create special “themes” on-board, with entertainment ranging from jazz festivals and classical music concerts to golf clinics and murder mysteries at sea!
You can view the “Cruiselines”, “Cruiseships” & “Cruise Destinations” on the Menu of this site.

A. No – you could say that EVERY ship is different. Even when a cruiseline builds a class of ships from identical plans, there is always some subtle difference amongst them.
Cruiseships range from intimate and yacht-like to vessels stretching longer than three football fields. You can sail with fewer than 100 fellow guests or with more than 3,600. Enjoy atmospheres ranging from casual to formal, contemporary to classic. You can even choose sail-assisted ships. Enjoy the endless activities offered on a contemporary resort-style cruise, or immerse yourself in the culture of a destination on a special interest cruise.
You can view profiles of the world’s finest cruise lines in our “Cruiselines”, “Cruiseships” & “Cruise Destinations” tabs on the Menu of this site.

A. Definitely not! Cruise ships are floating resorts with all the choices a fine resort has to offer. You can lie back in a lounge chair, breathe in the sea air, soak up the sun, read good books, or watch the ever-changing seascape.
Being at sea gives you a feeling of total freedom that no landbased resort can offer. There’s plenty of room. And it will probably take you two or three days just to discover everything that’s on board. Plus, you get the added adventure of exploring many exciting ports of call.
You can also see a feature film, attend an enrichment lecture by experts, learn to play many card & board games. Enter competitions to guess the distance travelled each day, or the ubiquitous !BINGO! If you’re more active, join in exercise or dance classes, and sports contests. Practice your tennis stroke or golf swing, or take some fresh air on the jogging deck. Or you can swim, stretch out in the sauna or work out in the gym.

A. Pack like you would for any resort. Cruise vacations are casual by day, whether you’re on the ship or ashore. In the evening, ships vary as to dress. As on shore, attire is dictated by occasion. At the Captain’s Gala, for example, you’ll probably want to wear something more formal, such as a dark suit, or cocktail dress; perhaps even a dinner jacket or gown. Just be aware of what part of the world you are coming from & going to; so if you are leaving Australia – even in winter – to cruise in Alaska, pack for the cold.
With expedition cruising you will usually get a dress guide but only in the sense of what special gear to pack to suit the climate or your activities.

A. As always, there are choices and more choices. During the day, there are many different places to eat – in the formal dining room, on deck, in a pizzeria, at an espresso bar, to name a few. At night, most ships offer several venues. Some ships’ dining rooms can accommodate all guests at one time, called a “seating.” Many ships offer you a choice of several eating times, and others encourage you to come to dinner whenever you like. More traditional ships have two seatings in their formal dining rooms, which differ only by time: typically 6:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. To choose, just decide whether you prefer to dine early or late–then have your travel agent request your preference when you book your cruise. Frequently, you can choose to dine at night someplace other than the formal dining room, such as in an intimate restaurant that features, for example, Italian, Chinese, Japanese or Southwestern cuisine.
More and more cruise lines are opening up their informal lido areas to evening dining, where the dress and dishes always are casual, and sometimes, you can even eat out under the stars. A large number of ships offer romantic in-cabin dinners.
As we said at the start – The choice is yours!

A. Yes. Let us know and we will request it with the cruiseline at the time of booking.
From a Birthday cake (and a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ by the waitstaff at dinner) to a full Cocktail Party for a group of travelers. All can be catered for.
Most cruise lines also offer an array of theme baskets, merchandise, and other items for you to celebrate an occasion.
You can even book with us for a friend to receive a present on board to celebrate a honeymoon, birthday or just Bon Voyage.

A. Tipping is a matter of individual preference. A general rule of thumb is to plan for about A$5.00 per person per day for your cabin steward and dining room waiter, and about half that amount for your busboy.
Most cruises booked in Australia include tipping or gratuities in the total price.
Other shipboard personnel can be tipped for special services at your discretion.

A. Almost all cruise ships have laundry facilities and many provide dry-cleaning services.
There is, however, an additional charge for professional laundry and dry-cleaning services.
Many ships also have self-service launderettes.

A. You can explore on your own or take a guided tour (referred to as shore excursions), this can often be booked before departing, saving out-of-pocket expenses while away.
Cruising is the perfect way to sample a number of new destinations and try all the things you’ve ever dreamed of doing.
One thing to be aware of is the dress customs of the country you are visiting, please dress appropriately.

A. The “Lifeboat Drill” is a mandatory drill for everyone on board to attend, usually held within an hour or two of departing. Have fun with it but pay attention. It only takes about 30 minutes.
Most often your Muster Station (where you have to meet up) is no longer out on deck. You assemble in one of the lounges.

A. More and more cruise vacations are booked by families with children. Most cruise lines provide plenty of supervised activities for kids, especially during school holidays. If your children enjoy swimming, sports, games, movies, and the adventure of new places, they’ll love a family cruise. You’ll find that children adapt to shipboard life with ease, and you won’t have to wonder what they’re up to every minute. The youth counselors will help keep them busy and entertained. Ships even offer different types of age-appropriate activities, suitable for toddlers to teens. Best of all, children often travel at a reduced rate.
For more details contact one of our Cruise Consultants on 08 9274 5866 or email talktous@midland.italk.travel

A. Experienced cruisers say they prefer sitting at a table with several other diners; some lifelong friendships have been made this way. But the cruise lines are geared to accommodate each guest’s wishes, and it is possible to request a table for two or four. In the unlikely event that you do wish to change tablemates, speak with the maitred’, who will make every effort to seat you with more compatible dining companions… discretely and politely.

A. Without a doubt. Cruising offers an atmosphere that’s just right for romance… cozy dinners for two, strolling on deck at sunset, dancing the night away (even under the stars). Most lines provide special services – from Sunday or Monday departures to champagne and breakfast in bed. Also, some ships offer special programs for performing a marriage ceremony or renewing your marriage vows. For more details just check with us on 08 9274 5866 or email talktous@midland.italk.travel

A. Most ships can accommodate salt-free, low-carbohydrate, low cholesterol, Kosher, or other diet preferences. However, this request must be made in advance, so be sure to advise your Travel Consultant when booking your cruise.